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Andoga Development Company has completed work on the provision of technical customer services in terms of support for conducting a city-planning audit of a land plot in the Sviblovo district, the North-East Administrative District, Moscow.
The goal of the town-planning audit was to identify the possibility of introducing changes to the PZZ in terms of establishing a new territorial zone for the existing production enterprise.
The complexity of the project was in several aspects:
1. An enterprise has a valid land lease agreement for only 1 of the two land plots on which the enterprise is located.
2. The territory of the enterprise partially falls within the area of ​​the project planning area TPU.
3. The territory of the enterprise partially falls into the zone of the project of the planning of the Northeast chord
4. According to the approved territory planning projects, part of the enterprise’s buildings are subject to demolition.
5. According to the approved PZZ, the territory of the enterprise falls into the zone of social and business development, which does not provide for the location of industrial enterprises.
Nevertheless, according to the consultations held, through negotiations with relevant departments, it was possible to work out an approach to solving the issue of changing the type of permitted use of a land plot, as well as the formation of a territorial zone allocated from the current terzone zone.
Thus, the Andoga Development Company has revealed the possibility in principle to develop a draft amendment to the PZZ, allowing the owner of the enterprise to hope for approval of the proposed changes.
It was decided that at this stage, the most beneficial option for the City and the Owner for the option of amending the PZZ is a request to establish a new territorial zone with an established type of permitted use - 6.0.0
It was decided that in order to increase the chances of project approval, leave the technical and economic indicators on actual use.
In case of approval of amendments to the PHZ, at further stages of the enterprise, with the support of Moscow (Departments of Science and Industry, Moscow City Architecture Committee, Moskomstroyinvest, etc.) return to the development of the project with updated TEC.
Andoga Development Company will be the contractor for the development of a project to amend the PZZ.

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