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Andoga Development Company has completed the development of an urban-planning concept for the development  for the development of the land plot in terms of proposals for amending the Rules for land use and development of the territory (part of the territory) of the Balashikha urban district of the Moscow Region in order to change the functional zone for the land plot from CX-3 - Agricultural production zone to functional Zone P - Production Zone.

Land plot of 30 hectares with the type of permitted use - for agricultural production.
It is planned to place a warehouse complex on this land plot.
Zone CX-3 does not contain Warehouses in the main types of permitted use (code 6.9).
The urban planning concept offers:
1. To establish a functional zone P - Production zone for the land in question
2. The maximum and minimum size of the land for VRI Warehouses (code 6.9) - 1000 sq.m and 1,000,000 sq.m to leave unchanged
3. The maximum percentage of land development for VRI Warehouses (code 6.9) - 60% unchanged
4. The minimum indent from the boundaries of the land for VRI Warehouses (code 6.9) - 3m to remain unchanged
Placing a warehouse complex on the land in question will create additional jobs for the population of adjacent territories.

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