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Andoga Development Company conducted a town-planning audit of the land area of 57 hectares, located in the city of Podolsk, Moscow Region.


An urban-planning audit was required to determine the possibility of building a country house (cottage) village.


At the moment, the land has the type of permitted use - agricultural production. (Included in zone CX-3 according to the approved PZZ). Zone CX-3, Zone of agricultural facilities, growing crops, livestock production, storage and processing of agricultural products. It is necessary to change the type of permitted use of the land for the implementation of the investment project. However, the zone CX-3 does not have the types of permitted use, allowing gardening and cottage construction.

According to the PPZ, the Zone designated for horticulture and summer house keeping is the zone CX-2. It is necessary to change the urban planning documentation, namely, change the zone according to the Master Plan and the PPZ, with the establishment of a new zone - CX-2. After changing the zones according to the general plan and the PPZ, it will be possible to change the type of permitted use for summer cottage construction, which will allow changing the type of permitted use of the land and implement the investment project.
According to the results of the urban development audit, the need was identified either to wait for the approval of the Master Plan, since the draft master plan contains the necessary changes, or to initiate the procedure for making changes to the PPZ.

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