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Andoga Development Company completed the work on providing technical customer services in the area of ​​urban planning audit of a land plot with a total area of ​​26 hectares in New Moscow in order to determine whether it is possible to obtain a GPZU or make a change to the PZZ, or to agree on a PPT for building a land plot low-rise, blocked and individual housing.
It was necessary to analyze the existing situation with urban development opportunities and constraints, as well as the current status of the project, in terms of passing the procedure for making changes to the PZZ. Presumably, according to the results of the urban-planning audit, the Company was to conclude that it was possible / impossible to develop and approve on a territory planning project, the possibility of obtaining a GPZU with positive technical parameters, if changes were made in the PZZ.
When determining the possibility of development, it was necessary to develop a "project map" based on the professional opinion of the contractor and on the basis of consultations with municipal authorities.
Based on the results of the analysis, a schedule was drawn up for the introduction of changes in the Moscow PZZ. It is determined that the design of the territory planning is not necessary to develop, since the territory is part of the territory for which the PPT is already being developed.
At further stages of the project, our company will carry out the development of project materials - a plan for the planned development of the land plot with an indication of the location and technical and economic indicators of the facilities planned for construction. The project materials will be fulfilled in an amount sufficient to be submitted to the city commission on the issues of introducing changes in the Moscow's PZZ.
In addition, the company will accompany the public hearings and the approval of the relevant Resolution of the Government of Moscow on the changes in the PZZ.

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