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The construction permit is one of the most important initial permitting documents in construction.

Andoga Development Company provides project management services at the "P" stage up to passing the expertise and obtaining a construction permit.

What is the construction permit and the list of basic documents required from the customer, see below.

Our company carries out works to support the development of urban planning documentation, obtaining of GPZU, technical conditions, development of architectural and urban design, project documentation. Also, we accompany the passage of project documentation in the expertise, we carry out the registration of project documentation in the information bases of the region, and we submit an application for a construction permit on behalf of the Customer.

Construction permit

The construction permit is determined by Article 51 of the Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation:

"The construction permit is a document that confirms the compliance of the project documentation with the requirements established by the urban planning regulations (except for the case stipulated in part 1_1 of this article), the project of the territory planning and the land survey project (except for the cases when, in accordance with this Code, the preparation of the project planning of the territory and the project of surveying the territory is not required), in the construction, reconstruction of the capital construction object which is not a linear object (hereinafter - the requirements for construction, reconstruction of the capital construction object), or the requirements established by the territorial planning project and the land survey project, in the construction, reconstruction of the linear facility, and the permissibility of placing the capital construction site on the land in compliance with the permitted use of such a land plot and restrictions established in accordance with the land and other legislation of the Russian Federation Russian Federation. The construction permit gives the developer the right to build, reconstruct the capital construction site, except in cases provided for by this Code. "

The construction permit is issued by the local government body at the location of the land plot.

The main documents provided by the developer when applying for a construction permit:

Construction permit


  • title documents for the land plot
  • a urban planning plan for a land plot issued not earlier than three years prior to the date of submission of the application for a construction permit, or in the case of issuing a construction permit for a line facility, the details of the project for the planning of the territory and the land survey project
  • materials contained in the project documentation: 
  • positive conclusion of the expertise of the design documentation of the capital construction object
  • permission to deviate from the maximum parameters of permitted construction, reconstruction (in case the developer was granted such permission in accordance with Article 40 of this Code)
  • a copy of the certificate of accreditation of a legal entity that issued a positive opinion of a non-governmental examination of project documentation, in the event that a conclusion of a non-governmental examination of project documentation is submitted


For a specific project, other documents may be required.


The period for issuing a construction permit is 30 days from the date of receipt of the application.



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