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The first stage of the PPT approval, we carry out is the urban documentation audit (land plot due diligence) of the land plot. Our company analyzes urban-planning restrictions and opportunities.



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In particular, the presence of a master plan for a settlement or a district, the existence of land use rules (PZZ), the existence of previously developed PPTs that capture the project area, the availability of previously issued GPZU are verified.

During the audit, consultations are conducted with local administrations, representative offices of the state architecture committees and other participating authorities.

The existing documentation is compared with the planned technical parameters of the project.

In the case of the availability of all urban planning documentation, its compliance with the planned technical parameters of the project, it is recommended to take actions to obtain the urban plan of the land plot (GPZU).

If, during the technical audit, a discrepancy between the available documentation of the project parameters is detected, for example, in terms of altitude, density of construction, type of permitted use, lack of PPT and other restrictions, we develop a roadmap for the project, i.e. plan of measures, deadlines for their implementation, preliminary project schedule.


Tenders are held on the choose the general designer (urban planner company)


• on the development of architectural and functional concepts, project presentations (if necessary)
• for the development of the territorial planning project


We obtain approval for the development of the project of planning the territory in authorized state institutions (according to the legislation of the subject of the Russian Federation).

After obtaining the permission to develop the design of the territory planning, the development of the PPT by the general designer is supported, the necessary initial data are collected.

Further, the PPT is agreed by us according to the legislation of the subject of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law (if necessary).

Since we are guided by the principle of openness in the relationship with the Customer, at all stages of the project, our company provides monthly reports on the progress of the project. The customer has the opportunity to compare the project schedule developed at the first stage with the current status of the PPT approvals. Thus, the customer keeps his hand on the pulse, controls whether the project is on schedule or deviates from it.

Thus, risks for the Customer are significantly reduced. It is possible to determine in real time the deviations from the action plan, to take effective measures to correct the situation with the project.


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