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Andoga Development Company manages construction projects in stages:


• development of Urban planning documentation (pre-project)
• Stage "P" or "Project"
• Stage “Construction”

Project management
As part of the project management, we act on behalf of the Customer and carry out the entire complex of technical customer services, support of general design, engineering surveys ordering and other necessary functions.

Project management services are provided under a contract for the provision of project management functions, which is a mixed contract (monthly service and service provision).


The contract is based on the developed documents at the stage of technical and/or urban planning audit:

The company provides monthly reports on the results of the work performed, in accordance with the project schedule, as well as acts of work performed to achieve the stages of the project.

In the framework of project management, work is carried out to coordinate project participants, develop and issue terms of reference for the performance of work, monitor the performance of work by suppliers, administer the project schedule, monitor the project budget (if necessary).

Project management


The specialists of the companies directly participate in the coordination of the documentation necessary for the construction, obtaining technical conditions, obtaining the GPZU, developing the planning projects for the territories and performing other necessary functions.



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