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Urban-planning audit (due diligence) of a land plot is the analysis of a land plot for the possibility of construction, taking into account the Urban-planning possibilities and restrictions.


Urban-planning audit is included in the technical audit of the land plot, or can be performed independently.


Why do one needs a urban planning audit?


First of all, this analysis is necessary to determine the principal possibility of building an object on a land plot. The fact is that in Russia there is an urban-planning legislation that allows placement on land plots of only those objects that do not contradict the Urban-planning regulations developed for the territory.


If in the land plot, or in the territory on which the land plot is located, the urban planning documentation is not developed, then the object location is not allowed. In case the Urban planning documentation is developed but does not correspond to the land user's plans for using the land plot, it is necessary to determine the extent of non-compliance and develop a list of activities necessary for the development of Urban planning documentation permitting the location of the facility.

Land plot audit

For example, in Moscow, the following urban development situation is often encountered: according to the current rules of land use and building regulations, the rules for the use of "F" apply to the land plot. actual use. What does this mean? This means that if the land plot is not built up, then it should remain unbuilt according to the Moscow PZZ. Similarly, with the reconstruction. If the land has a building with an area of 1000 square meters, the type of permitted use is non-residential, administrative, then the building should remain exactly in such parameters. Any change in the parameters of the building will be a deviation from the permitted use of PZZ. Thus, in order to obtain a permit for reconstruction or new construction, the owner of the land plot will need to make changes to the Moscow PZZ.


Urban-planning audit of the land plot is carried out in relation to all Urban-planning documentation developed for the land plot:

Land plot due diligence

  • branch schemes
  • master plan (master plan)
  • land use and development rules (PZZ)
  • Territory planning project (PPT)
  • Land surveying project (PMT)
  • urban development plan of the land (GPZU)


Based on the results of Urban planning audit, a conclusion is made about the possibility of building a building with planned technical indicators.


In case of determining the feasibility of construction, Andoga Development Company develops a "project map" (a list of activities to bring the Urban planning documentation in line with the requirements of the project).


The project map can become an annex to the contract of technical customer services or project management, at later stages of the project, in case our company is entrusted with the implementation of these activities.


Andoga Development Company constantly works with large projects and keeps an eye on the pulse of all urban development changes. For the successful implementation of the project in the area of urban development, use our professionalism!


The average period for the implementation of urban planning audit is 1 month.


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