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If you require technical customer (permission documentation) services- it's easy to work with us. Consultations you can get by phone in Moscow - 7(495)-796-6800.


Andoga Development Company provides services for construction projects at stages:


1. Urban-planning stage (from investment decision to the receipt of Land Plot Urban Plan (GPZU))

2. Stage "Project" or stage "P" (from Land Plot Urban Plan until Construction Permit)

3. Stage "Construction" (from the Construction Permit to Commissioning)

4. "Operation" stage (for operating facilities)



You can consult via telephone number in Moscow


 7 (495) 796-68 00



We provide technical customer and project management services.

1. Technical customer at the stage of urban planning documentation development


Technical customer

  • Land Plot Due Diligence (Determination of the urban planning potential of the land plot, technical audit)
  • City master plan amendments and land use rule amendments (PZZ)
  • Architectural and urban concepts development
  • Development and approval of territorial planning projects (PPT)
  • Approval of territorial schemes, schemes of altitude restrictions, etc.
  • Obtaining the Land Plot Urban Plan (GPZU) based on the developed urban planning documentation
  • Organization of engineering surveys, visual-landscape analysis, historical and archaeological examinations, etc. 


Interaction with Moskomarkhitektura, Moscow City Department, DGI of Moscow, GlavAPU, City Institute of the General Plan, Moscow City Hall, Gradsovet of the Moscow Region, MVK, Glavarhitektura of the Moscow Region, etc.


2. Technical customer at stage "P"


Technical customer

  • design management
  • technical conditions receipt
  • collection of permitting documentation (IRD)
  • obtaining approvals for architectural solutions (AGR, color passport, AGO)
  • ordering and management of engineering surveys (Topography, geology, ecology, technical surveys, etc.)
  • obtaining requirements for connection to engineering networks and transport
  • organization and passing the expertise of design documentation and engineering surveys, obtaining a positive decision of the expertise
  • obtaining a Construction Permit


3. Technical customer at the stage of "Construction"


Technical customer

  • construction project management
  • construction technical monitoring
  • organization of construction control of the customer
  • obtaining the necessary approvals
  • receipt of the Conclusion on Compliance (ZOS) and the Commissioning Act






4. Technical customer at the stage of "Operation". For existing facilities


Technical customer Operation stage

  • permits for repairs
  • permission for reconstruction
  • re-planning approvals
  • technical surveys organization
  • coordination of the increase in technical and economic indicators of the object (increase of number of storeys, extension, etc.)
  • permitted use of the facility and premises change project management.




If you require the services of a technical customer - it's easy to work with us. Consultations you can get by phone in Moscow - +7(495)-796-6800



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