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Andoga Development Company performs project management services for the approvals of changes to the PZZ. We work in Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of the Russian Federation.



The developer, receiving the GPZU, receives an extract from the current regulations (PZZ). If the parameters of the GPZU do not meet the requirements of the Builder's project, the modification of the regulations (PPZ in part of the Developer's land plot) is required to change the parameters of the GPZU.

Since PZZ are approved for the entire city, settlement, are confirmed by public hearings, the change to the PZZ also requires public hearings.


With different features for each region, the general scheme for approving amendments to the PZZ includes the following stages of the project:


  • Application by the Developer for PZZ amendment relatively to Developer’s land plot
  • Consideration by an authorized government institution
  • In case of application approval, the development of the draft changes to the PZZ
  • Public hearings holding on the draft changes to the PZZ
  • Confirmation of changes in the PZZ by the authorized government body

After passing this procedure, the Developer can receive a GPZU (an extract from the PZZ) with new, changed parameters.

If there is also a territory planning project in the "project map", the GPZU is given with consideratioin of the PPT, or if the PPT requires to be developed, the Developer participates in the development of the PPT simultaneously with PZZ amendments process.

After all the necessary urban-planning documentation is developed (PZZ, PPT, PMT), the developer can get the GPZU and proceed to the next stages of the project - AGR and stage "P".


Our company specializes in project management for the development of urban planning documentation, including the approvals of changes in the PZZ.

To determine the feasibility of construction on the land plot, it is necessary to determine the possibility of developing all urban planning documentation with the necessary parameters. This work is quite capacious, takes from 2 weeks to 1 month and is called "urban planning audit". The result of the urban-planning audit is a report containing, among other things, a roadmap of the urban documentation development with the aim of obtaining a GPZU with the required parameters.






  • General plan (cities, settlements) (Master’s Plan)
  • Land use rules (cities, settlements) (PZZ)
  • Territory planning project (district, quarter) (PPT)
  • Territory division project (district, quarter) (PMT)






The master plan is developed for the entire city or a settlement.

The land use rules (PZZ) are also approved for the whole territory of a city or a settlement. PZZ are one of the most important urban planning documents along with the Master Plan and PPT.

The territorial planning project (PPT) is developed for a quarter or district.

The land division project (PMT) is developed for a quarter or district.

The urban plan of the land plot (GPZU) is developed for 1 land plot and is an extract from the PZZ, compiled taking into account the Master Plan, PPT, PMT.



The master plan (Masterplan) will divide a city or a locality into zones - public, residential, industrial, etc. And also to zones of cultural monuments, nature conservation, water protection, etc.


PZZ determines the urban planning regulations for zones and subzones - establishes a list of types of permitted use, limiting parameters for density of stagnation, altitude, percentage of build-up and restrictions within zones and subzones.


The territorial planning project (PPT) is designed to locate specific capital construction projects, streets, roads, squares, engineering support facilities, line facilities, etc. on the territory of the quarter, district, taking into account the parameters of the PZZ and the Master Plan.


The land division project (PMT) is designed to establish specific boundaries of land plots, line facilities, public areas within the block, district.


The urban-planning plan of the land plot (GPZU) is an extract from the PZZ. Determines the parameters for construction a particular land plot based on the established regulations in the PZZ, and also taking into account the PPT, if the PPT is developed.

All types of urban planning documentation must correspond to each other.




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