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What is Land Plot Urban Plan (GPZU – Gradostroitelnyi Plan Zemelnogo Uchastka)?

GPZU is an urban planning document prepared by an authorized regional body that records the permitted parameters for construction on a land plot. The document is an extract from the top-level urban planning documentation (land use rules) that fixes the regulations for the use of the territory in which the land plot is located.



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The urban-planning plan of contains the following information:

1) the boundaries of the land plot;
2) the boundaries of the zones of operation of public easements;
3) Minimal indentations from the boundaries of the land plot in order to determine the places of permissible placement of constructions, structures, structures beyond which the construction of constructions, structures and structures is forbidden;
4) information about urban planning regulations (in the event that the plot of land is subject to the urban planning regulations). At the same time, in the urban planning plan of the land plot, with the exception of cases of granting a land plot for state or municipal needs, information should be provided on all types of permitted use of the land plot stipulated by the urban planning regulations;
5) information on the permitted use of the land plot, requirements for designation, parameters and location of the capital construction site on the said land plot (in cases where the urban plot does not apply to the land plot or the urban planning regulations are not established for the land plot);
6) information on capital construction facilities located within the boundaries of the land plot, objects of cultural heritage;
7) information on technical conditions for connecting (technological connection) of capital construction facilities to engineering and technical support networks (hereinafter - technical conditions);
8) the boundaries of the zone of planned placement of capital construction objects for state or municipal needs.

Who prepares and approves the GPZU?


In each region of the Russian Federation there is an authorized body that prepares the GPZU and issues it to the owner of the land plot.


In Moscow, the GPZU is prepared by the subdivisions or subsidiaries of the Moscomarchitecture, issued by Moskomarkhitektura.


In the Region of Moscow, GPZU is prepared by the Glavarhitektura of the Moscow Region and is issued by the Ministry of Construction of theRegion of Moscow.



What determines the parameters of GPZU


GPZU is the last urban planning document of the "lowest" level. According to the logic of the Urban Code of the Russian Federation, the GPZU inherits the urban planning parameters from the documents of the "highest" level - such as the master plan of the settlement, territorial schemes, land use and development rules (PPZ), the territory planning project (PPT), the land division project (PMT). In GPZU, guard zones, sanitary protection zones and other restrictions on use can also be reflected.

Thus, before moving to the GPZU, experienced specialists have the opportunity to analyze the existing urban planning documentation and to predict the parameters of the GPZU before it is issued.

This work on the analysis of the expected parameters of the GPZU is part of the work on the urban planning audit of a land plot.

Since 2017, the rules of land use (PZZ) and development have been approved and are in force in Moscow.

Hence, since 2017, the GPZU in Moscow is an extract from the PZZ. Often, the territory in the PZZ is indicated by the letter "F" (Ф). This designation means that "actual" use has been established for this territory. Which means that constructions and structures on the territory must remain unchanged. This regulation prohibits new construction or reconstruction.
The overwhelming majority of Moscow's territories have this designation.

Thus, a land user of a land plot with a high degree of probability can expect that he will be issued with a GPZU prohibiting construction.



Changing GPZU parameters

What should the customer do, whose land plot is located in zone F or in a zone with "zero" parameters, in order to obtain construction permit?

The answer lies in the field of changing the PZZ for the territory that captures the customer's land plot. For more details on making changes to the PZZ, see the relevant section of the site.





Issuance of GPZU


In case the land plot is in a zone permitting new construction (or reconstruction), i.e. in the event that the PZZ has parameters other than "F" or "zero" parameters, the Customer can apply for the GPZU to the Moscomarchitecture and receive the GPZU with positive parameters after 30 calendar days.


In the Moscow Region and other regions of the Russian Federation, the procedure for obtaining a GPZU is also carried out in accordance with the adopted PZZ.   If PZZ is not adopted, a decision may be made by local administrations replacing the availability of PZZ. In Moscow, prior to the adoption of the PZZ, there was a urban planning and land commission (GZK), which reviewed the drafts of the GPZU and made decisions to approve or reject the GPZU project.





Territory Planning Project (PPT)


In addition to PZZ, in some territories it may be necessary to develop a territory planning document (PPT). Most often, PPT is required for residential development and for the construction of previously free of construction territory. In such cases, the development and approval of a territorial planning project will be required. For more details on the development and harmonization of the PPT, see the relevant section of the website.





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