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Land plot due diligence (technical audit) is a fundamental service provided by our company in the framework of technical customer services.


Owners of land, investors in land assets and many other players in the real estate market need to understand how you can use the land. Legal documentation does not always provide a complete view of the possibility of use. For example, the type of permitted use, according to the cadastral passport, can be defined as "For residential constructions construction, objects of cultural and social and social purpose." In fact, this type of permitted use does not at all guarantee the possibility of obtaining a Construction Permit for construction of a residential construction or a cultural/entertainment facility.
Технический аудит земельного участка – основополагающая услуга, оказываемая нашей компанией в рамках услуг технического заказчика.


In addition to urban planning, a land plot maybe subject to technical restrictions.



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What is Due Diligence of a land plot?


Technical audit is the analysis of the land plot for the possibility of construction taking into account all identified urban development and technical opportunities and constraints. If in the course of an audit, only the analysis of urban planning restrictions is carried out, then such an audit can be called an ubran-planning audit of a land plot. In the event that during the audit, the analysis of technical restrictions is also performed, the audit becomes a complete technical audit or Due Diligence.



Urban planning audit or a complete technical audit?


In order to understand, in principle, whether it is possible to build a new construction on the land, or whether it is possible to change the type of permitted use, it is enough to conduct only an urban-planning audit. It is urban planning restrictions that determine the feasibility of an investment project. It does not matter that there are no technical limitations, if the urban planning regulations do not allow you to get the GPZU in the right parameters, the project will not take place.

If, however, the investor or the owner of the land plot understands that it will most likely be possible to develop the necessary urban planning documentation for the project implementation, then it makes sense to also analyze technical limitations in order to have a more precise project implementation schedule, cost analysis. In this case, investor can analyze the provision of the land plot with the transport component, the availability of engineering utilities, identify all the technical limitations associated with the red lines, security zones, sanitary protection zones and other restrictions. Large investors often practice even engineering surveys at the stage of making an investment decision.

Thus, a full analysis of the land plot can be described as:



1. Urban planning audit + 2. Analysis of technical limitations + 3. Engineering surveys.

The result of the technical audit is the report of the Company of the technical (urban-planning) audit. The report reflects the description of the current state of the land plot, description of the investment project, urban planning analysis, the results of consultations conducted during the analysis, analysis of risks and opportunities. Also, the report may contain a preliminary "project map", various cost estimates.

Enlarged, a typical analysis may contain:


Urban planning audit


  • Analysis of the Master Plan, PZZ, the availability of PPT and GPZU.
  • Consultations with local and regional authorities.
  • Identification of urban restrictions. Determination of possible technical and economic parameters.
  • Development of an action plan (Project Map) for the development of urban planning documentation.





Technical audit


  • Analysis of technical constraints on the possibility of construction
  • Getting consultations in resource-supplying organizations and other bodies
  • Analysis of the presence of security zones of line objects and other security zones
  • Analysis of the possibility of transport connection
  • Development of an action plan / project schedule for the technical support of the project


What is the specifics of the implementation of the urban-planning (technical) audit, and can it be done without leaving the office?


Despite the fact that during the urban planning audit, public documents such as master plan of the settlement, land use and development rules (PZZ), territorial planning projects are often analyzed, the analysis of these documents is not complete without consulting with representatives of government departments. An extremely important factor is the determination of the vision of the development of the territory by architecture, local, regional, municipal or federal authorities.

In addition, the urban-planning legislation is constantly changing. The basic law of the Russian Federation in the field of urban planning regulation - the Urban-planning Code of the Russian Federation receives up to 10 amendments annually! Without taking into account new trends, urban planning audit is inadequate, and its results can quickly become obsolete. Therefore, it is better to entrust the development of a "project map" to professionals who are in constant contact with decision-makers.

Andoga Development Company is always on the "front line". We constantly carry out technical and urban planning audits, keep our hands on the pulse of all changes in urban planning.

Profile departments in the regions:



Moskomarkhitektura, Masterplan SRI, GlapApU SUE, Okrug Prefecture, City Property Department, Moscow City Municipality, MOESK, MOEK, Mosvodokanal, Rosavtodor and divisions, other instances.


Moscow region

General Administration of Architecture and Urban Planning, Ministry of Construction of the Moscow Region, Administration of the Area, Administration of the settlement, Territorial Representative of the Glavarhitectura in the district, MOEK, MOESK, Mosoblgaz, Rosavtodor and subdivisions, designers and other involved contractors.


Regions of Russia

In the regions we consult with local administrations, executive authorities in the field of architecture and construction, and other necessary institutions.

The duration of the technical audit is usually 1 month for the urban planning audit and 2 months for the complete technical audit, adjusted for the complexity of the specific project. About urban planning audit, read here.


If you require the services of a technical customer - it's easy to work with us. Consultations you can get by phone in Moscow - +7(495)-796-6800



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